Terrestrial Orchids





This genus are found from South Africa to Japan, America and Asia. 
They are clumping orchids with crowded pseudobulbs and pleated leaves. 
Some spp. which are decidius and shed their leaves annually, have large 
angular pseudobulbs, whereas the ever green types have smaller pseudobulbs
and retain their leaves for a number of years.

Calante australasica is an Australian native and widely distributed from North-eastern Qld 
to South-eastern NSW growing in sheltered sites in open forest and rainforest. 
Plants occur in loamy soil and often colonise rotting logs and accumulations of litter 
on large rocks and boulders.



Most growers use soil-less potting mixes based on coarse stones, peat, coir, fern fibre, leaf mould and perlite.
Decideous spp. must be dried off as the leaves shed, then rested and watered again when new shoots appear. Evergreen types should be kept moist throughout the year, but drier over winter. Fertilise freely over spring and summer.


This is a single genus. It is widespread in tropical china, Thailand and Malaysia. A terrestrial with osette of colourful fleshy leaves and spikes of white blooms.

Popular Orchid valued for its beautiful patterned foliage which is present for much of the year. Later in the season it has tall spikes of white waxy flowers. 
The plants which grow naturally in fairly open positopns close to streams, 
have a fleshy, creeping rhizome and the dark leaves have prominent pink reddish veins.



Easy to grow in shallow pot or saucer of well-drained fibrous mix. 
Provide shade, continual gentle air movement, high humidity and 
yearround watering. Keep drier for a short period after flowering. 
Protect a all times for slugs and snails.

Also called the Slipper Orchid with more or less 80 spp.  Terrestrial Orchids that grow in debris-filled rock crevices(often limestone), in sandy soil and leaf litter among tree roots. A few are epiphytes. Distribution from India to New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Often found in areas with seasonal climates.  Although without pseudobulbs, they can withstand dryness by storing water in fleshy leaves and long thick roots.


Prefer to be snugly potted rather than overpotted. 
Use well -drained bark-base mix (particle size 5-10mm across).
Repot when mixture begins to deteriorate.
Grow in the shade over summer, brighter light in winter. 
Water and mist foliage frequently over summer, Keep drier over winter.

The 45 spp. in this genus grow in moist wet areas in grassland and forested areas in various countries from India to New Guinea and Nothern Australia. Deciduous or evergreen terrestrial Orchids with crowded pseudobulbs, large pleated leaves and colourful flowers.



These Orchids are generally easy to grow in gardens in the Tropics,
or potted into well-drained terrestrial mix. They need warmth, bright light 
and strong air movement. Water freely over summer, much less in winter 
when the plant are inactive.

Information from “Starting out with Orchids by David L. Jones”